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Oral Sex Info

It is possible to get an STI from having oral sex; however, there are ways to have safer oral sex.

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Can I get HIV from a blowjob? From giving head? From getting a BJ? Or from swallowing semen?. Oral sex is “low risk” in terms of getting HIV. There is no transmission risks for receiving oral sex.

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Questions of foreplay and oral sex. There are differences of opinion in this topic. Many scholars believe that oral sex is permissible, but it is disliked.

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There are different kinds of sex — but you need consent no matter what kind it is. Sex can lead to pregnancy and/or STDs if you don’t protect yourself.

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Our Oral sex and sexually transmitted infections information is moving to Sexwise! Sexwise is a new website by FPA, bringing you honest information about contraception, pregnancy, STIs and pleasure.

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Sixty-nine or 69, also known by its French name soixante-neuf (69), is a group of sex positions in which two people align themselves so that each person’s mouth is near the other’s genitals, each simultaneously performing oral sex on the other.

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Many people have questions about anal and oral sex. Are they safe? What are the risks? Can you get pregnant or get a sexually transmitted